Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dialin' and Drivin' ~

Why is it that when people talk on their cell phones while driving, that they feel the need to slow down to about 20-30 mph? Uuuuugghhh! I personally see nothing wrong with talking on the cell while driving as long as you can do it without disrupting all the other drivers on the road.

Now, I am a pro :) I can make and receive calls and text while driving, as well as wolf down a cheeseburger, fries, and Coke never reducing my normal 75-80 mph. There is one thing I do not do though-apply make-up while driving. I actually have to see my whole face in a mirror for that and would not feel I was able to pay close attention to the road and other drivers.

I know there are some states that prohibit talking on cell phones while driving unless you use an earpiece. I don't know if my state has this law or not ;) I think that rather than punish the whole population by not allowing driving and dialing, a test should be administered instead, to weed out the incapables. When you go to apply for your driver's license (and every 5 years after) you should be required to take a driving test while using a cell phone and be graded on that, as well as on driving itself. Eating something while driving might also be another good area for testing. In most cases, the driving cell phone talkers who become totally oblivious to what's going on in the road are not even in the act of making or receiving the call or even texting, for goodness sake. They're simply engaged in a conversation and apparently have just removed their foot from the gas pedal and are just coasting along listening to or telling the good news.

This morning, on the way to work, I was in the far left lane to get onto the expressway when I noticed that I was only driving at a speed of about 15mph. I absolutely cannot drive that speed in the morning when I have already left the house 15 minutes later than I should have. I was huffing and puffing and finally when the sun was not glaring in my eyes, I noticed that the person in front of me was on their cell phone. Luckily, the next lane over was clear and I could get over and go around, followed by about 4 other cars. I'm certain he had no idea he was holding up any "late-for-work" morning traffic and didn't even notice everyone going around him to get ahead.

Oh well, I guess everyone cannot be the fantabulous driver I am! See . . . . here I am on my lunch hour, driving to the nearest drive-thru, with my seat belt on, handling an important business call, and maintaining my speed and accuracy behind the wheel. Shortly after, I was able to continue my call while eating my cheeseburger, fries, and Coke!

This guy is a good driving cell phone user like me. He is talking on the phone and enjoying his conversation while maintaining his normal speed and not getting on his fellow drivers' nerves. Plus, he is very cute!

This poor guy is not so good. He apparently slowed down to backing up and someone got so tired of him and had no room to go around, so they just busted him one, right in the back end to help him move it along.

Ok, I'll call y'all when I drive to Alabama in a couple weeks to see my dad and Michelle!


Tammy said...

I love the new layout! Don't stop blogging please!

sa061545@bellsouth.net said...

Hey, girlfriend! I love your new Lucy look!!! your new blogging friends don't know you like I do!!!
Remember the day I saw your car in front of me with your Lucy license plate and wondered what you were doing in that area? Then to find out someone had stolen your car!!!
Keep up the blogging, girl!
Love you,
Sandra :)

Amy said...

You are funny, Denise!

And might I add you look stunning with your seat belt on while driving and talking on the phone.:)

It's funny how men are different than women. My dad and my husband both get confused trying to "order" something in the drive thru lane at Burger King.......There should be a driving test for that too...Where if you fail it, you have to actually "go in" to order. A mom can talk on the phone, drive thru, place the order, punch the straw through the juice box, pay for the order, and open the ketchup for the kid in the back seat, and never miss a beat. Men have to come to a complete stop and have complete silence, and still get confused trying to just place an order from the driver's seat. Actually driving while eating what they ordered is a whole other problem. ;)

I'm just saying is all.:)

Katie said...

that was absolutely hysterical! i'm so with you on this one :)