Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Weekend ~

I sure hope everyone has a great weekend.
I have plans to meet my best girlfriends for breakfast in the morning (Saturday) at Hazel's Family Restaurant. Sound's like a great place for breakfast - a country, home-cooking joint. Anyway, after that, I plan to spend most of the rest of the weekend at the pool getting skinny. This morning I hurt my back and have been in some serious pain all day. Maybe I'm having sympathy pains for Amy (in my life) - i'm with ya honey! I just went through this same thing a few weeks ago and my chiropractor told me that my pelvis was rotated out. Over the course of a week and a 1/2 and 2 chiropractic adjustments, the pelvis was put back in place and I've been feeling great until today. I never knew how it happened before. The doc said it could have happened in my sleep. Weird. Today, it happened again and I knew it this time - WOW! I was in the shower doing what I do every day - go figure. I couldn't go to my chiro today because the office was closed. I'm going to go on Monday. Tonight, I'm having to give up karaoke because I'm hurting so bad I just want to go home and go to bed. I am going to girlfriend breakfast in the morning though if I have to be rolled in on a gurney. I also think that if I can get some help from Yvette getting on my float, I can lay in the pool all day and be quite comfortable. Maybe she'll also bring me a drink and a snack now and then :-) I think the movement of the water will provide some therapy for me. I just hope the sun comes out and stays out.
I wonder if this has anything to do with my weight . . . . ;-)


Amy said...

I'm sorry you're hurting too, Denise....Maybe you should come over here and lay around and let Shannon paint your toenails and feed you bonbons all weekend.;)

I feel like an old woman. Yesterday Daddy took me to the doctor's office (because I can't drive yet) and I was diagnosed with a popped out disc and degenerative arthritis of the spine. When I told Dad that he said, "I have arthritis of the spine too."....I looked at him and asked, "Did you have it when you were 38?"....He looked confused for a minute and said, "I don't remember."...So I guess now when I am "his age" I have memory loss to look forward to as well.;)

I hope you have a great weekend, and if you get bored laying around in pain, call me....We can complain to each other.:) said...

Hey, girlfriend, I'm sorry you are having back troubles too! I have a ruptured disk at L4-L5 and last weekend I did too much housework and it flared up - maybe we all need to form a support group! :)
Take care of yourself!!! Have fun in the pool!
Sandra :)

Tammy said...

How is your pelvis today? Or is that a personal question?

The Boyds Family said...

My goodness! It seems that everyone is having back guys are scaring me, maybe I shouldn't hang around you all - in case it's contagious. ;)

Thanks for all the love you sent my way - Mom's name is not Yvonne BTW (tee-hee!)

Also, I think the pain you are having happened to a friend of mine from work when she twisted the wrong way as she was bent down picking something up...Although this is nothing I've ever heard before, the doctor told her that it's fairly common problem for women - especially women with children. She had to go through a couple of months physical therapy to get it straightened out....

I'm not sure if this is what's happened to you but, if nothing else, at least I've entertained you for a few minutes with the short novel I just wrote. :)

Take care - hope your back feels better soon.