Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is my dear friend, Yvette. We've been friends since high school. I'll say since 9th grade but it was really 8th grade. However, Yvette does not remember me in 8th grade even though I sat right behind her in Mrs. Crider's English class!

Yvette is my party buddy and my "swimming" buddy. We are at karaoke together 3 nights a week, and we usually go to dinner together and take our kids with us, at least once a week (Anyone for Mexican? Ole'!). Every weekend that the sun shines brightly, you can find us in a pool, on our neon-colored floats, working on our savage tans and wondering what the poor folks are doing. Right now, we're pretty dark and "skinny". We both go to Cassie to get our hair cut, we go to the same place to "get our nails did", we go to the same gynecologist, and we both love a good fried bologna sandwich at JD's BBQ :) ~ thank you, Yvette! We are always struggling with our finances and never have any money. When we do have a few extra dollars, one of us'll say, "Let's go buy a shirt." That's just our thing. We're not too interested in what goes on the bottom part but we want the top part lookin' good!

Yvette singing some karaoke - Shakin' by Eddie Money is her theme song.

Every year we say that we're going to the beach in the summer, but we have yet to make it. For the two of us sun-worshipers, laying on a sugar-white Destin, FL beach for a week, or even a long weekend, would be a little slice of Heaven. Maybe one day, but until then, we have a pretty good time right here in the armpit of the south. We've accompanied each other on many milestone events: we went together and got our cartilage pierced (for those who don't know, that is the top of the ear ;), she went with me to get a tattoo, I went with her to get her nose pierced, I helped her move out of her house when she and her husband split up, and she helped me move out of my house when me and my husband split up. When we moved me out of my house, it was literally she and I all alone, driving the moving truck and doing all the lifting - we were such WOMEN that day! I'm sure you could hear our roars but didn't know what was. By the by, we have both moved around a few other times after the initial split from the husbands. We have tried to get a place together but since we each have a teenager and they are of the opposite sex, we would need 4 bedrooms and we can't really afford a 4 bedroom place. So, for now we each have our own place but we're just right down the road from each other.

My favorite picture of Yvette - taken a couple of years ago.

Yvette once told me that I was the kind of friend you could just sit with and be silent, without feeling uncomfortable. That was a great compliment to me. That's just the way we are - totally comfortable at all times. I know that I could call and wake her up in the middle of the night if I needed to, and she knows she could do the same. I did find out a few years ago, however, that I should never again ask to borrow a pair of panties ~ a story for another time :) We say what we feel like saying and if we get in a tiff and need a few days of space, we take it. It's a wonderful friendship and I'm very blessed.

Yvette, I hope you read this post because I am really gushing over you!

Your BFF ~


Amy said...

It was nice to meet Yvette. You are blessed to have such a friend.
And I am looking forward to the post with the story about why you should never ask again to borrow panties from her.;) I'm just saying is all.:)

Hugs to you!

Ellie said...

Aren't friends just amazing? i really don't know where I would be at without them! I am so glad to see that friendship could last for such a long time! You are an excellent example of live, laugh, love!

My Goodness said...

That's a great post for your friend...Hi Yvette!! I love that you girls have been through it all together.

You guys have so much fun together...what a treasure!

Mia said...

Everyone needs to have a Yvette in their life don't cha think? You two are truly blessed!

The Boyds Family said...

Well, I'm reading this post but none of those pictures look anything like me :)

My Karaoke song??? Strokin' by Clarence Carter (I ROCK the house w/ that one. HA!)

Can't wait to hear the story about borrowing her panites - this is going to be a good one, I'm sure!