Monday, October 13, 2008

Lunch With the Bunch ~

Happy Monday, all! I'd like to introduce you to my daily lunch bunch from work. This is the group I eat with most every day and we have such a wonderful time "letting it all hang out" during our free hour in the day. Here is a secret for you . . . . most of the time we take an hour and 15 or 20 minutes - shhhhhh! In these photos we were at a great local meat & veggie place called, Dale's. We were having a "send-off" lunch for our expectant mother in the bunch- she's the one in the hot pink top (giggle). Since this photo was taken, a couple of months ago, the little momma has had a set of beautiful twins, a boy and a girl. She's on maternity leave now and the lunch bunch misses her very much! I really look forward to lunch with these great friends every day. We usually end up laughing so hard, some of us are either crying, or peeing, or both! By the by, no one peed at Dale's. We try our best to maintain our self-control when we make that rare venture off the premises to eat among civilization.

We usually eat in our company's on-site cafe, "Cafe Bon Appetit", where we either bring our own lunch or buy lunch from a large selection of daily delectables. It really doesn't matter what we're eating because fun is always the main course on this group's menu.

If any of my lunch buddies read this post, I'd like for them to know that I love our lunches together and always look forward to 1:00 pm - what a bright spot in the day!

Only once before have I had the pleasure of a daily lunch bunch that I looked so forward to visiting with. Sandra, if you are reading this, you know that I mean the lunch bunch I used to share with you years ago when we worked together. Back then, that was also a big bright spot in the day and I have never forgotten it and never will. I am very fortunate to have found as great a bunch in my present job as I had 10 + years ago.

I miss you, Sandra.

Bon Appetit, all!

PS - The word lunch is mentioned 60 times in this post. There is a prize for the first reader to find them all. JUST KIDDING! :)


Amy said...

I'm so glad you're posting again; I've missed you. And I know that my mom misses the lunch bunch with Denisean'nem.;)I've heard so many stories about all of the laughing (and peeing) that your lunch bunch used to do.;)

God Bless,
Amy:) said...

Oh, Denise! Finally, girl, I was wondering if you had been picked up by aliens!!!! I miss those lunch bunch days more than you will ever know!!! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Rick, Harry M, Harry C, June, and all of those "isms" that we used to laugh about! especially the one where she used to curl up in a chair with her "African!" I MISS YOU!!!!
Let's do lunch!!!
Love you girl!
Sandra :)

Tam Tam said...

I am a proud member of the Lunch Bunch!

Kellan said...

60 times - cute! They look like a great bunch - it's nice to have a fun group to spend lunches with!! I miss that the most about working - my lunch bunch!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Mia said...

You are so blessed to have fun work friends!
By the way how is Moonshine? We have a new kitty too....again!

Smiling Shelly said...

Welcome Back!!!

Isn't it great when you work with a group of women who love to have fun?!?! There is no bond like that of a girlfriend.

PS. Love the new look :D