Friday, March 27, 2009

Party 'Til the Cats Come Home

I am a real animal lover. All my life, there have been dogs in the family. When I was a kid our dogs were mostly strays that would come and go but there was always one or two around. There have also been a few fish and birds, but more dogs than anything else. There were never any cats because my mom, sister, and brother were all allergic to cats. When Brandon was little, we got our yellow lab, Buck, and then later, a black lab, Delta. We also had a hamster at one time, and then a guinea pig, that I loved very much. Back in 2003, I decided I wanted a cat. I was a grown up, married woman with a house of my own and we weren't allergic, so I decided to get a cat. The people across the street had a littler of kittens which included two calicos. I've always thought calicos were so pretty so I got one; long-haired, and named her Purrl. We already had 2 dogs but I still brought this cat into the home. Things were good. When my husband and I decided to separate, Brandon and I moved into an apartment and took Purrl, with us. Well, after she was a couple years old, I heard of another litter of kittens that would soon be abandoned so I decided to get one of those so Purrl would have a companion.
An adorable brown tabby, that I named, Jozie, was very sweet and playful. Well, Purrl was not so crazy about her new playmate. In fact, her personality changed so I knew she was angry with me and I don't think she ever got over it. I guess she preferred to go it alone, and needed no sidekick. Nevertheless, we then had two cats, and I had never had cats in my life - remember? I learned quickly what all cat owners know . . . "nobody owns a cat". Still, I enjoyed my cats and learned how to just let them be. Even though I loved my cats, I was missing the love and companionship of a dog. In 2006 I decided to get Shotzie, my beagle. I won't dwell on her because you all know her well. The next year, I found myself in such a financial hole that I couldn't dig out. Brandon and I would have to go live with Momman'nem for a while. As I mentioned before, my mom is very allergic to cats and mine were not invited to come along. Shotzie was invited to go with us but I had to find some other accommodations for the felines. I agonized and cried and asked everyone I knew until I happened to mention it to my hairdresser, Cassie, who agreed quite quickly to take both my cats and give them a home. She already had other animals but it didn't matter. She really did me a huge favor. I was so relieved, as I knew they would be loved and well-cared for. This was a temporary arrangement and I told her I'd take them back as soon as I could. Well, I stayed with my mom for a year, then I moved to an apartment where I couldn't have them because I already had Shotzie and had to pay a deposit on her; I couldn't afford deposits for 2 additional pets - uugghh. Cassie kept the cats and always told me how they were and would take pictures for me. Last year, I missed my cats and decided I would see about getting them back and just try to keep them hidden from the apartment managers, and not pay the other deposits. I mentioned it to Cassie, but I felt that she was attached to Purrl and Jozie, and really wasn't ready to give them up, and I wasn't going to ask for them back if I thought she still wanted them. So, I rescued a kitten, which I've written about in past posts, Moonshine (now, Moonie, for short). Moonie is now 10 months old and she and Shotzie live in blissful harmony. Last week, Cassie asked me if I was ready to have my cats back, which indicated to me that she was ready for me to have them back. I understand completely because Cassie now has a little boy who is crawling and getting around, and I know it must be hard to keep him out of pet hair and dirt. Of course, I told Cassie that I was ready to take the cats back, because after all, she did me such a big favor when I needed a home for them, how could I tell her no? She's an absolute angel and really saved me when I was in a bind.
Here is a glamour shot of the girls together shortly before they "moved away".

Tomorrow is the big homecoming day! I'm actually quite excited to see and have my girls back home, but at the same time, I'm very nervous because cats are just crazy and I know the fur's gonna fly when they come home and Moonie gets a load of them. I just can't decide who is gonna take it worse, Moonie, or the other two. Remember, Purrl never forgave me for getting Jozie years ago. Then, I gave her and Jozie away to another family. Now, they're coming back to me, where there is a new cat, not to mention Shotzie, who they were probably so glad to be rid of, back in the picture. I tell you, I'm scared. I've been surfing the Internet, looking for all the suggestions and helpful hints to keeping a clean, fresh house when you have multiple cats. The last thing I want is a cat lady house, that everyone dreads coming to because it stinks so bad. When I was a kid, there was a house like that (30+ cats lived there) next door to my grandmother - whew, what a stink hole!
Wish me luck. I've got a really big heart for animals but very little patience. I really, really want this to work out so everyone is happy. I'll keep you posted. If you have any helpful hints, please let me know.
Thank you, Cassie, for all you've done for me, to take care of my cats when I couldn't. I will be forever grateful.
Have a great weekend!


Mia said...

I am/was the crazy cat lady! We have had as many as 7 cats at one time. Not all were inside though. Right now we just moved to an apt. and took Bella our chihuahua. We had to find homes for two cats. It was SO hard and there were tears shed so I know exactly what you went through.
IF you have space I would have one litter box for Moonie and one for Purrl and Jozie to share. Cats are very territorial about their potty's! LOL
Also when I have ever had more than one cat I scoop more than once a day.You would be amazed at how much that cuts down on the kitty stink! I know that can be a pain but it soon becomes second nature. And scooping...thats what kids are for right?
The cats moving in will soon find their "spot" and avoid each other until they get used to it.

much2ponder said...

I finally got around to posting my award...thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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