Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Day Jitters

Today is my very first posting. I just made my blog page and really know nothing about blogging but I've seen some others and think they are really cool. Who knows, maybe in time, my blog will become cool and something you'll look forward to checking out. I'm a bit nervous about what I say because I want it to be something funny and interesting, however, all of that kind of stuff is escaping me now. Maybe I should have written down some things first . . . . . Oh well, I know everyone will enjoy seeing this great picture of Lucy. I sure hope so because she will be appearing in lots of future blog posts. She's the greatest!


D said...

Hey girl!! Looks great. I am impressed. I have a facebook page and it doesn't even have a picture of me!!

Brandon is extremely talented and hopefully one day will make the big bucks!!!! You did good.....

love ya

Amy said...

You will do great....There is no wrong way to do a blog....and when push comes to shove, just write something about Lucy! Everybody loves Lucy....and Raymond!:)

I've added you to my "Links I Like Tod Lurk" list.:)

God Bless,