Monday, June 2, 2008

Dirty Pool

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a pretty good weekend in spite of my back trouble I've acquired over the last week. I spent most of Saturday laying out by the pool with my friend, Yvette. My apartment complex has a beautiful swimming pool area but for some reason the water is very, very dirty. I'm gonna have to complain. The pool is closed on Mondays for maintenance and cleaning. I personally don't believe any cleaning is going on. Saturday, there were dead bugs and spppiiiders, hair, bird mess, and all sorts of other trash in there. I got a net and went around, trying to get most of the debris out and it looked a little better when I got through. Now, I don't spend a whole lot of time in the water. However, I do like to take a dive and cool off after roasting in the sun for as long as I can stand it. Is it wrong to want clean water in the pool when I take that dive? I don't think so either. I had also bought a float this time to lay on in the water. I could just see myself laying out there with my eyes closed and floatin' around in a big ol' water web of spiders - EEEWWW! Then, I got hot and thirsty and decided I wanted an icy cold, thirst-busting Coca-Cola from the vending machine by the pool. Cokes are $1.00 but it's worth it because all that swimming makes you very thirsty. Well, the machine wasn't working. I'm gonna have to complain. Later on in the day though, my son's friend, Kevin, came over to swim. Kevin works at a local pizza place and let us use his 50% discount to order pizzas and drinks to be delivered to the pool. That was so cool 'cause all that swimming makes you very hungry. I got some very good sun and now I'm even closer to skinniness!
Sunday, I went to a baby shower. Baby showers are so much fun! All the oooing and aahing over the cute little clothes, rattles, passies, and such. My friend, Cassie, who is also my hairdresser, is having a baby next month, due July 4th. His name is gonna be Owen Brady Carwile, and will be called Brady. Down here in the South lots of people are called by the middle name (myself included). Brady is a very cool name though and not heard of much yet. Cassie is a beautiful redhead and is very afraid that Brady will have red hair. I tell her all the time she's gonna have a little Opie Taylor. I happen to think Opie Taylor was adorable. I sure hope y'all know who Opie Taylor is. Anyway, Cassie is hoping Brady will have dark hair like her husband. This is their first child and I wish them much happiness and excitement at this wonderful time in their lives.

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Sandra said...

You crazee girl! COMPLAIN! That's what they are supposed to do!!
Stay cool!
Sandra :)