Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Goin' to Alabama With My Banjo on My Knee ~

Brandon and I are heading out to Hazelgreen, AL tomorrow to visit my dad, George, his wife, Tracey, and my sister, Michelle. You have met Michelle in a recent post.I really won't have my banjo on my knee because I don't play the banjo and would therefore, have no need to take one with me. However, I would absolutely love to learn to play the banjo. Does anyone remember Wendy Holcombe on Hee Haw? (This is not her) As usual, I'm digressing. I haven't seen my dad in about a year and I'm looking forward to the visit. However, I have been having some back trouble and I'm so hoping it does not hurt too badly to make that 4-hour drive. I went to my MD yesterday and x-rays they took only show muscle spasms and inflammation. I was surprised because I am in some serious pain. I mentioned before that my chiropractor told me several weeks ago that my pelvis was rotated out. Well, these x-rays yesterday didn't show anything like that at this time. Whatever is wrong, I'm feeling it, as this candid shot of me below will prove. I was given 2 prescriptions: a mild pain pill that does allow me to sleep really good, and a non-drowsy muscle relaxer. I stayed home yesterday and took one of the pain pills. Today, I decided to go back in to work since I am on vacation tomorrow. I felt pretty good when I first got up this morning but by the time I twisted and turned in the shower gettin' squeky clean, pulled pants on, got in and out of the car, dropped my employee badge 3 times on the way in and bent down to pick it up, and walked 10 minutes from the parking garage to my desk, I was in some more really good pain. I thought I might have to leave early but I stuck it out - I am such a he-woman! This whole thing is probably due to the fact that I'm going to be 42 next week. Anyone out there who is in their 20's or 30's, be sure to enjoy every day, because it's almost like the day you hit 40, you need to start picking out your casket! ;-)

My plan is for us to leave our house around 3pm. I'd like to get in a couple hours of pool time since I'll be gone all weekend. If it is not sunny, we will leave by noon. We are taking Shotzie with us. Not sure how this will go over 'cause we've never taken her on a road trip before. She'll have the whole back seat to herself so you'd think she'd be nice and comfy and enjoy the ride . . . we'll see! She's gonna be a surprise to our hosts. You know the old saying - "It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission." :)
I plan to take lots of pictures while visiting Pops so you will be meeting some more of my family next week. Michelle and Tracey are taking me to a karaoke bar - don't know why they think I would enjoy that ;-) but I'll humor them.
Have a happy fun-filled 4th of July! See you next week.


Ellie said...

Hmm... Very interesting pictures! About the scary messages, you don't want to see them. :D Happy Wednesday afternoon!

Amy said...

Well, for a woman with back pain, you look really great naked.;)

Seriously though, I hope that your back starts to feel you know, I know how that feels....And sadly enough, I'm only 38, and I'm having back surgery.....I'm scared to think of what will happen when I hit 40.:)

I can only hope that I look as good "naked" from behind as you do.;)

If you want to reach me...I'll be in my bed...for the next month.:)
So enjoy yourself enough for both of us....and about karaoke, sing "I Will Survive" for me, I like that one.:)

Happy Fourth!

Mia said...

AMEN Sister!! Those 40's come right up and kick you in the rear! and everywhere else....I always say that after 40 your body tells you exactly how good you were to it in your 20's and 30's. My body is def. p.o.'d at me!!!!!

Mia said...

Oh forgot to travels and have a good time. Remember lots of pit stops for Shotzie said...

Hey, girlfriend!
Hope you and Brandon have a fun trip with your family (and the dog!).
I sent you an email but got your OOO - Amy's surgery went smoothly but she will have a long recovery period. Call her in a couple of weeks as I know she is going to go stir crazy not being able to do anything. Take care and have a happy 4th! I sure hope your back gets better!!!!! Keep us posted!
Sandra :)

The Boyds Family said...

I hope your back gets better soon.

Happy fourth of July to you and your family. You and Brandon have a safe trip to AL - ask him to hold the banjo while you drive ;)

Take care.