Monday, July 7, 2008

Looking for a Kitty Cat

Happy Monday, all. I made it back from Alabama and all is well. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show you. No photo op presented itself while I was there this time, but maybe next time. I had fun and enjoyed seeing everyone. My back is better too - hope it stays that way.

I've decided I want a kitten. I had 2 cats (Purrl and Jozie) but when I had to move home with my mom a year and a half ago, I had to find a foster home for them because my mom is allergic to cats. Cassie, my friend and hair dresser, took them in for me even though she already had a couple of cats and dogs. I will always be grateful to her for this because I was really in a bind and I felt so horrible having to abandon my cats. She has had them over a year now and both she and her husband have grown quite attached to them. I asked her if she'd like me to take them back now since she has a new baby (a human baby this time) in the house, but I got the feeling from her response that she wants to keep the cats. I certainly understand and feel like it is only right, if she does want them, to let her keep them after this much time. I sure do miss them though. I visited them a couple of times within a few months of moving them to Cassie's and they acted like they were not the least bit interested in me anymore - snooty felines! Anyhoo, I'm wanting another kitty cat. I think Shotzie will like a cat too. I had her for a few months before our cats moved in with Cassie and she loved them. They, on the other hand, were not quite as crazy for her. I'm looking for a female, short-haired kitten with a sweet personality. Purrl was a long-haired calico and probably one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen. When she was a baby, she had gorgeous green eyes, but they finally changed to gold. Purrl was sweet as a baby but when she grew up, she was one snooty feline!Everything was on her terms and her terms ONLY. She was the first cat I ever had so I was new to the ways of a cat, but quickly learned, "every cat owner knows that nobody owns a cat!" :) Jozie was a year younger than Purrl and was a short-haired grey tabby. She was sweet as a baby and as an adult.One thing that bothers me is the way a house smells when cats live there. I kept my litter box clean but still had odor. I tried to potty train P and J but they wanted no part of it. I believe I could have eventually talked Jozie into it, but not Purrl. Anyway, I want a cat but I don't want a stinky house. If any of you have any sure-fire remedies for a smelly cat house, please advise, and wish me luck in my search for a new kitty.


Ellie said...

Awww!! Good luck in search for a kitty! I love kittens. My dad won't let me get a cat, or a dog. we have birds, and he doesn't want anything else. the thing is, he said he hated birds, but then we got them and he loved them! I don't see why he can't get cats, besides that whole eating-the-bird thing. but..... we could always train it. If you find any pictures of kittens you like, you should post them in blogger so we can see them, too!

Ellie said...

Oh my goodness! You already found one?! That is awesome! I cannot wait to see pictures! boy? girl? name? I am so excited for you!

The Boyds Family said...

Ok....I cheated a little so I'll just jump ahead here and say congrats on finding a new kitty - and so fast too!!

Unfortunately, since I'm allergic, I don't have any kitty advice to give. But good luck with that. :)