Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Was Tagged ~

I am so excited! I have been tagged for the first time as a blogger. Amy tagged me to tell six (6) random things about myself. By the by, Amy's blog is WONDERMOUS! Please visit if you have not already.

Huuummmm . . . . . what about me????

1. I am a true blue Lucy fan. I started watching I Love Lucy when I was old enough to watch TV, and have been loving Lucy ever since. I have so much memorabilia that I could probably sell it on ebay and make a small fortune. However, I have promised all of my Lucy treasures to Brandon upon my death - LOL! I have dolls, books, comic books, paper dolls, purses, t-shirts, posters, pictures, you name it. The thing I admire most about Lucille Ball is that she was never afraid to look or be totally ridiculous to get a laugh. I miss her very much!

2. I think I love to easily or too much. I fall in love with everyone who is nice to me that I will be in contact with on a regular basis. I don't mean romantically. I just really develop a love for people very easily.

3. I am terrified of spiders. I mean really terrified. When I see one, I am momentarily paralyzed, then if anyone is home besides me, they have to kill it. If I'm there alone, I can do it, but I'm wigged out a bit and it takes a lot out of me. I usually have spider dreams when I've seen on that day - uuuggghhhhh!

4. I laugh when people fall. I know, I know it's horrible but I do and I just can't help it. I'm still concerned and I try to see after the faller, but I have to get my giggles on too - I don't know why.

5. I really enjoy singing. Now, it's mostly karaoke, but in the past I've sung Church solos alone with just music and solos with the Church choir backing me up. I've sung at a few weddings. And once when I went to Florida with my friend, Nancy, we went to hear a band and she asked the band if I could sing with them and they then invited me up to sing 'Give Me One Reason' by Tracy Chapman - what fun!

6. I have a tattoo on my left leg just above my ankle. It's a yellow rose with a butterfly just landing on one of the petals. When I turned 35, I decided I wanted a tattoo and I was plenty old enough to get one if I wanted it - so I did. I have yet to regret it. It's not as big as it looks in this picture.

I think all 4 people who read my blog also ready Amy so I really don't have anyone to tag. This is fun though and I will be checking out all the other tagees for their interesting facts.


Ellie said...

Hey! Those were great! I also dislike spiders(tho not as much), and I have uncontrolled giggles for almost anything! Glad you played in the game!

Amy said...

Thanks for playing.

I did have some idea that you loved Lucy.;)

I did not know you had a tattoo....I'll probably get one when I turn 50, just don't tell mom. Thanks.:)

Yours is very cute by the way.

I love that you giggle when people fall. My son Daniel must have watched this poor kid on You Tube fall off a big ball and crash right into the wall a thousand times....He laughed like a hyeana (I know that is spelled wrong.) It was funnier to him every time he watched it. You should look that up on You Tube if you haven't already.:)

I would love to hear you sing. Shannon says the only way that I would get invited to sing in public is if they give me the Barney Fife you know the one I'm talking about? :)

Thanks for playing the game.
Much love,

The Boyds Family said...

I love these getting to know you memes and I'm so glad you played.

Like your tatt. Yep, I guess at 35 you were old enough to make that decision. ;)

You and my hubby would get along great! He laughs when ppl fall too.

I enjoy singing too - prolly wouldn't actually get invited to do so, but I enjoy it all the same. ;)

This was fun.