Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Amy ~

Hello Amy!

I'm your Vitameatavegamin girl!
Are you tired, run down, listless (bored, sick of laying down, a little sad)?
Are you unpopular (bedridden with good hair)?
Do you poop out at parties (of going to parties)?
Well, the answer to all your problems is in this little bottle.
Yes, Vitameatavegamin contains vitamins, meat, vegetables,
and minerals.
Yes, with Vitameatavegamin, you can spoon your way to health!
All you do is take a big tablespoon full after every meal.
It's so tasty too! Tastes just like candy!
So why don't you join the thousands of happy, peppy, people and get
a great big bottle of Vitameatavegamin.
That's Vita-meata-vega-min!

Amy, my friend, I sure wish a bottle of Vitameatavegamin could make you feel better so you could get up and around. I hope this at least made you smile - Lucy makes everyone smile! I know you are so tired of being in bed. When you are feeling better, and up and around, I'd like to meet you and your mom on a Saturday so we can go see Mama Mia!. I have seen it but I could see it every day - can't wait to see it again (did I say see enough?). I think about you every day, and I read your posts every day also. It is wonderful how you are still keeping your sense of humor when you are not feeling well. I am sending up prayers for you and I know all your other bloggy friends are doing the same. Hope you are having a good day.

Many hugs and lots of love,

PS - As you can tell, I do not know how to strike through words. Please give a girl some text formatting help when you can.


Amy said...

Thank you, Denise!
That made me smile very much.
And I am so ready to go see Mamma Mia. I can't wait. I go to the doctor Monday to find out what I can and cannot do.

Thank you for your sweet words to me and your prayers.

I'm ready to pop out at parties again.;)

Much love,

Ellie said...

This post was very sweet of you! Sorry, I have yet to discover how to strike through words... :((

Thanks for actually caring about whether my family was okay or not! It was deeply appreciated! :))

My Goodness said...

Tried to leave you directions for striking but it was rejected...I'll email you...

Very sweet post!!

And I think we need to have one big Mamma Mia outing when Amy is better...I know that Yvette and I both want to go!! :)

Ellie said...

Thanks for the comment on my six things. But... alas... those were not my toes. My toes are mess(due to attempting to paint nails and lack of lotion...ew.) Hope I didn't disappoint you too much.

Mia said...

okay everybody if that movie is named after ME..and it IS cause I came first...then you gotta take ME TOO!!!
Can you just imagine what fun we would have?
Even if we had to wheel Amy (and Allie) into the theater in her "Bed of Rest"

The Boyds Family said...

Come on Mia!! We'll have a huge "blog" party (get it?? BLOG party instead of block party?? Okay, guess you just had to be there. sorry.)

How sweet of you to write a post to cheer our sweet Amy up. I know this made her laugh.

Also, I know Tina emailed you the strike through HTML code but I thought I would also give you another hint. Do a Google search on HTML codes and you'll find some great sites with lots of tips and tricks. ENJOY!

Ellie said...

Hey.. watsup?

Well, I was looking at your blog, and I noticed your karaoke songs you are learning and practicing! Guess what??! I love to sing! I recognized all of you songs! Greta choices, too! Especially Bleeding Love. Isn't it such a great song? also, have you figured out how to strike through words yet? said...

Hey, it's me again! Thanks for the tribute to my baby girl, Amy! I so pray that she will be back 100% soon - it's been a hard few months for her!
We need to go see that movie now!
Sandra :)