Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quirky or Weird? You Decide ~

My friend, Tina (Golden Goodness), posted about her quirks this week, and I thought it was pretty fun to find out these little interesting things about her. I'm doing my own "quirk" post today but I'm not stealing from Tina. She invited her readers to do this and I'm taking her up on it. I think we should all do it for giggles.

* I have a "thing" about messy handwriting. I think I have a pretty nice handwriting but if I am writing something that someone else might read, I will re-write as many times as it takes before I think it is presentable. And . . a really big deal to me is if I order a birthday cake and the writing on it is ugly or messy. That totally grinds my gears! I won't usually say anything when I pick up the cake because I'm not big on making scenes, but you can bet everyone back at the house will get an earful!

* I really love to eat in front of the TV. Food just tastes so much better when watching a good show. However, I don't like to eat while a commercial is on, or while surfing for a show to watch. It has to be during the actual show only.

* I have a "thing" about people going outside in their sock feet. It really gets under my skin. If my son does it, I yell at him. If others do it, I just stare and wince. It totally ruins socks.

* I am a freak about washing my hands. I wash them countless times a day. I notice if people don't wash their hands when they are preparing food and it really gets to me. Every time my hands touch something while I'm cooking (which is not often), I have to wash and dry my hands and then go on to the next thing.

* I am a loyal Coca-Cola drinker. I don't do Pepsi at all. If I order Coke at a restaurant (which is rare because I find it ridiculous to pay $2.00 for a drink, so I usually get water) and they ask me if Pepsi will be fine, I have to say no and have them just bring water. Believe me, I know the diff.

* If I am in a public place and I hear a baby or small child crying - serious crying and not whining - it makes me tear up and cry.

* I really enjoy the smells of gasoline, and hair perms in a beauty shop.

* I sleep with a nightlight on.

* I have a "thing" about people moving stuff around on my desk when I'm away. I'm not like this at home but at work, it is another gear-grinder for me. I'm a real neat nick about my work area and if I've been out of the office and I come back to find things are moved around, or Heaven forbid, someone has left trash at my desk (coffee cups, personal notes, etc.), I cannot get do a thing until all is back in order.

* I keep all of my shoes in shoe boxes because I'm afraid of spiders crawling into the shoes. I know deep down that they can still get in, but humor me.

What are some of your quirks?


Kellan said...

Did you see ALL my shoes? I have thought about whether or not it would be easier to store ALL those shoes in their boxes - on shelves - it probably would have been. Funny about the spiders - HA!

I liked reading these weird things - some of them I could relate to! Take care - Kellan

Mia said...

Denise, you ARE weird!! No, just joking! ; ) I am right there with you on the Coke thing...BIG difference and yes I would rather drink ANYTHING other than Pepsi

The Boyds Family said...

Uh-Oh! I may have been one of those sock footed people that you stared at. I do not like shoes....the best way to be is barefoot - IMO - but I have been known to go outside in my socks (and you're DOES ruin them).

I also have horrible hand writing, BUT I don't decorate cakes, so maybe I'm safe. HA!!

Agree 110% about coke - 'sept mine is Diet Coke. :)

Ellie said...

Hey! You are so awesome! I have some of the same quirks. Like messy handwriting, nightlight, and my shoes. Before putting on shoes, I always shake them upside down for any crawling, creeping critters! Would you mind if I posted some of my quirks on my blog, too, sometime?

My Goodness said...

I'm SO glad you did this!! Great job!

I also:
- write and rewrite things that other people will read
- know the different between Coke and Pepsi...I'm a Coke girl for life!
- eat in front of the tube
- wash my hands a lot when I cook

Loved this!! said...

You are so crazy! You forgot to include that you like to sniff magic markers!!! :)
You're getting good at this girlfriend!
Love you,
Sandra :)

Amy said...

Mom beat me to the magic marker comment, but I bet that you loved getting the wet test papers in grade school....You know the purple colored run off sheets that were usually still wet when the teacher passed them out and all of the kids would take a big sniff and the paper would stick to our nostrils.....:) (Or was that just me?) ;)