Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Give A Little Love ~

Monday night, just before I went to bed, Brandon announced that I would need to accompany him to school the next morning. I knew this meant he was in some kind of trouble but Brandon never gets in trouble. He's just a good, go by the rules, no waves kid. When I asked him what was up, his answer came as a surprise. He was written up for giving his girlfriend a kiss in the hallway. Well, all I could do was smile. I found this so amusing and was almost proud of my son. I know, I know . . . not the typical reaction from a mom whose son has gotten into trouble at school. I'm not a typical mom. Before I got too proud, I was sure to ask what kind of kiss it was, and was very relieved to learn it was a simple, quick peck that was hurried because they had to get to class. I still couldn't believe this happened because Brandon is just not the kind of kid to do anything like this. He said his girlfriend asked for the kiss and when he hesitated, she told him to just do it and not be so afraid. Well, he did it, and then came the consequences. Yep, the Adam and Eve scenario - ha ha.

If I didn't go to school with Brandon, he'd be suspended until I did go in and show myself to the authorities so they'd know I was fully aware of the heinous crime my son had committed. So to school we went yesterday morning, where we met with Mr. Wigley (giggle), who is an assistant principal, or some other type of authority figure under the principal. Mr. Wigley (giggle) shook my hand and greeted me, then apologized for having me take my time to come in. I just smiled and greeted him back politely. We sat down in his office and he told me that he just needed to make sure we knew that this kind of behavior would not be tolerated at school, and if it happened again, Brandon would be suspended. He also said that if Brandon wanted to kiss, he could do it somewhere else besides school. Brandon said it would not happen again, and I just continued to smile and never said a word. I was then asked to sign a paper acknowledging our meeting and then Mr. Wigley shook my hand again and thanked me for coming in. Brandon went on to class and I went to work. I don't know if I was expected to scold Brandon in that meeting, and personally assure Mr. Wigley this would not happen again, or if it was just a formality to follow procedure but I just found the whole thing ridiculous, even though rules are rules.

Wrong or right, here is my perspective:

Brandon is a high school senior, who will graduate in May. In all these years of school, this is only the 2nd time I've ever had to escort him to school because of any kind of trouble. The 1st time was last year because he had his cell phone at school, which I knew about anyway. If this is the worst thing I have to worryabout for 12 years of school, I'm pretty lucky, and I have a pretty great kid, which I knew about anyway :)

Until next time . . .

Kisses to you all!



Gina said...

Sounds like you have a great son to me! Those darn high school girls will get them in trouble every time. :)

Amy said...

If that is the worst thing the principal could come up with...then you should be one proud momma!;)

It makes me think of the scene from "Uncle Buck" when he goes to the principal's office about the little girl....and he can't quit staring at the lady's mole...LOL!:)
(Just ignore me, really...)

I'm looking forward to getting together for lunch!
Big hugs,

Mia said...

Puleeze is all I can say! If they could exert that much energy in a direction that was useful maybe the school system could improve!!
You did your parental duty so good for you!
I'm wondering if his girlfriends parents were hauled in too? HA!
Hope you are having a good week sweetie!!

Ellie said...

AWWW! This is such a lovely story. I think your son sounds like an amazing person! That is considered trouble? Love......<3

like how i LOVE ur background!

My Goodness said...

Aw...I could've been sent to the office A LOT in!

Good for you...and Brandon! :) said...

Girlfriend! You didn't tell me about this! I even meant to ask you if Brandon had a girlfriend and I forgot. At least it wasn't for drugs or something much worse!
It was so much fun having lunch today! We need to do it more often!
Have a great week!
Love you girl,
Sandra :)