Thursday, October 23, 2008

I love to dress up for Halloween! In fact, I believe I like it much more as an adult than I did as a kid. I usually attend a party at the karaoke establishment I like to frequent. They always have a cash prize for the top 3 winners. In 2006, I won the top prize of $200.00 for this one: Bubble Bath. I was accompanied by my dear friend, Cereal Killer, who won $50.00. I looked these up on the Internet and they cost us practically nothing.

Last year, I was Static Cling. I didn't win anything but I loved my costume. I think I love it most because I was very comfortable. When I was Bubble Bath, I was miserable - my "bubbles" kept falling out of my "tub" and I couldn't sit down all night.

In 2005, I went as Tabitha Witch, and was accompanied by my dear friend, Spider Witch. We didn't win any money but we sure had fun!

Many Halloweens ago, I went to a friend's house party as the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. I really put on the dog for this one. I had a fake nose with a mole and a fake chin. My nose and chin were rubber and stuck on with some type of cosmetic glue. Well they kept sweating off and I was constantly trying to discreetly press them back into place so I wouldn't lose them in the punch bowl or the dip! I had the voice and that loud, shrill laugh down to a tee. The only thing missing was the Flying Monkeys! If I could still fit in this dress, I'd be this character every year. I was really GOOD!

This year, I plan to go as The Bride of Frankenstein. Of course, I'm very low on funds so it will have to be pretty much a home-made frock. I'm thinking of using white sheets but am still working out the details. I'll be sure to have pictures and will let you know how it goes.

Brandon is going as The Joker from The Dark Knight. He gets out in the neighborhood with all the other "kids" and has a great time handing out candy and doing a little trick-or-treating. Neither of us will ever grow up :)

If any of you have any old or new costume pics of yourself, please share. Also, if anyone has any ideas on how to fashion my bridal gown out of sheets (preferable with little or no sewing) - let me hear 'em.




Gina said...

I love your costumes!! I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions for your bride dress. I look forward to seeing it. :)

Amy said...

All of your costumes are great, but I LOVE the Bubble Bath the best!
I could just see me wearing that one though...Shannon would spend the whole evening trying to "pop" all of my bubbles.;)

And it won you $200.00! You go girl!:)

Note to self: Don't eat any of the horsdouvres at the Halloween party if Denise is wearing a stick on nose, mole, or chin.;)

much2ponder said...

Ok...this is a fun one! I love it! I can't wait to see your costume for this year. I used to dress up with my kids and take them around the neighborhood. One time I was a witch and all the neighborhood kids were scared. They didn't recognize me until I spoke to them. I really looked mean! My husband sat on the porch passing out candy as if he was dummy and when the kids came up on the porch he scared them. We don't do things like that any more parents wouldn't' like it...but back in the day it was fun. said...

Oh, Denise, you are hilarious! But you should have included the ones from our Halloween event at work! You were HYSTERICAL as the Penguin from Batman with those flippers! Remember us walking to the other building after it had rained and you "flipped your flippers" in the water puddles! And then, of course, the wicked witch! Oh my gosh, you were good!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year! You'll definitely need some "hair extensions!"
Love you girl!

Ellie said...


ha! i love the two witches best. you rock! says the ruler.
you rule! says the rock.

Mia said...

Great costumes!! Love the bubble bath!