Monday, November 3, 2008

The Bride Wore White ~

Halloween has come and gone again. Some of the left-overs are pictured here today. . . . .

I had decided Friday morning that I was not dressing up, or going to the annual party at my regular karaoke establishment because I had not had the money for a real costume and I wasn't happy with what I had to work with. Finally, at about 5:15 Friday afternoon, I decided to "just do it". I had already purchased the "dress" for $3.00 from the local Goodwill Store and someone had loaned me some Frankenstein boots. All that was still needed was a little make up and some white spray for my hair. Within an hour and a half - Voila! The Bride of Frankenstein 2008 was born. My husband was busy wandering around Transylvania, scaring the yell out of the locals, so I went to the party and had a spooktacular time by myself. I didn't win a prize but I was comfortable and able to sit down and really enjoy myself. As usual, there was a glitch or two - my neck and wrist stitches kept rubbing off and just looked like black smudges. I finally gave up after re-applying 3 times. No one seemed to notice.

Don't we make a goulish couple? Brandon dressed as Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight. He looked so great! He didn't go to my party but he had his own "thing" going on. Below he's pictured with Braxton, who is dressed as one of Joker's goons.

BeetleJoos pictured here with his lovely bride, went home with the 1st prize of $75.00. He looked really great!

My dear friend, Papa Smurf, pictured below with The Leopard Woman, went home with the 2nd prize of $50.00 - way to go Smurfy!

I think a great time was had by all.

Have a great week!



My Goodness said...

Good for you for 'just doing it'!!

I know you're glad that you did...looks like fun!! (that's a great papa smurf...but I liked my dad's better, ha!)

Hope you have a great week, friend!

Teresa said...

That was really cute! You did a great job with your costume. I think you should have won something too!

Gina said...

Great costume!! Your son looked great too.

BTW, I love your new blog look. :)


Mia said...

Oh My Denise!! I was clicking onto your blog and wham there was the Bride of Frankie!!! So funny and you should of got a prize....I'm just sayin' (stealing a quote from our favorite commenter Amy)
Brandon looks great too!
You guys make my day!
Thanks for the well wishes we are all over the stomach cooties now!

Smiling Shelly said...

You guys look great!! I hope you all had a good time.

PS. Love the new layout. :)

much2ponder said...

Sorry it took me so long to come see the pictures. I was waiting then got sidetracked. Thanks these are fun to look at and reminds me of how much fun you probably are to hand out with. Fun is good, smiling is good, good hard belly laughs are good too. :)