Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You Like Me, You Really Like Me! ~

I am just so excited because I have received my very first blogging award! Shelly at Smiling Shelly's Shell has presented me with this award and I am so very grateful. She is such a sweetheart and I'm so glad she's one of my blogging buddies! Please stop by her blog if you haven't already and you will be very glad you did. Always a fun read.

Please forgive me for taking a couple of days to relish in this award before I pass it on. I want to savor it for a little while.

This has really made my day - YAY!!!

Denise :)


Smiling Shelly said...

Awww, honey!! I'm so glad this made your day and thanks for all the sweet comments about me...just goes to ARE 'uber' amazing!! :)

Take care!

Gina said...

Congrats on your first blog award! :)

Amy said...

Congratulations, Sally Field! ;) (just teasing)

You are Uber Amazing!

Have a lovely day, Denise!
God Bless,

Kellan said...

Very nice award - CONGRATS - you deserve it!!

Take care, Denise - see you soon - Kellan

much2ponder said...

Congratulations on your award! Denise, you have been tagged, stop by my place for details! Merry Christmas.

Mia said...

Hey Denise! I have missed you while I was in "internet-less land" I must agree you ARE UBER-TASTIC!! Congrats on your award. I hope you and Brandon are having a great holiday season!!
Merry Christmas!

Mia said...

Oh I forgot to tell you my middle daughter (10) loves that version of Winter Wonderland by Dolly!

Ellie said...

i miss hearing from you! cute blog background! :) happy holidays and a wonderful new year!