Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Puzzler

One of the greatest mysteries of life to me is "what's up with all the single shoes laying in the road?" Probably 7 out of 10 journeys I make, near or far, I see that mysterious lone shoe laying out in the road somewhere. It's always different types of shoes from all "walks" of life. I've seen a sneaker, a loafer, a flip flop, a house shoe - you name it. I've pondered it over and over but cannot really come up with anything I can totally believe. My most recent theory is that maybe this happens when people are moving and a shoe falls off their load and into the road. Now, I don't know why it wasn't something besides one shoe. I haven't thought that far.

What do you think? I know you've all seen that one shoe in the road from time to time and it must make you go, " . . . hmmmmm?"

Each Friday (for a while, anyway), I'm going to let you in on something that makes me go, ". . . .hmmmmm?" and see if the same thing has puzzled you and maybe you can set me straight on the subject or at least give me your opinion.

Have a great weekend!



Gina said...

I've wondered about those shoes too. Maybe it has something to do with road rage? Someone gets cut off and gets so mad they throw their shoe at the car next to them. :)

Amy said...

LOL!:) This post (and the idea of more) really tickled me.

Gina's shoe theory sounds good.

But just between you and me...I got so tickled, because this reminded me of Eddie Murphy's stand up routine when he talks about taking a &#@!

Do you remember the one I'm talking about?....At the end of the skit he says that it makes him mad when he flushes "it"....and then one little chunk comes back up. And he wonders what that one little chunk wants. LOL!:)

You can just ignore me, but that makes me scream out loud every time.

I'm looking forward to more of the things you wonder about. And I promise I won't talk about little chunks in my next comment.;)

Big Hugs,
Amy:) said...

Denise, you are hilarious!!! I told Amy we have GOT to get together for lunch on a Saturday!!!! And we could invite Yvette, Amy's blogger buddy who also lives in Mississippi! That would be fun!
Love you girl!

much2ponder said...

OK, about the shoe. Whenever I see a loan shoe my mind goes to several places. First I wonder if something happened to the owner of the shoe and if they are alright, but then I tell myself it is probably just someone moving or a prank someone pulled on another. Perhaps there was a little friendly horseplay inside the vehicle and someone's shoe came off and the playful partner threw it out the window as a joke.

I guess we may never have the infinitive answer to this question, but the realization that a lone shoe on the side of the road makes us think; not only think, but think about the who that it might belong to gives me reassurance that we humans are all connected in some way.

I posted on your last post, go back and take a look:)

Smiling Shelly said...

Oh thank you, Denise! For asking this question. This is one of life's ponderisms for me too...

If it was a child's shoe, I can get it...The child rolls down the window and holds their shoe out of the window because they think it's fun and then the wind catches it and it's gone.

So, that explains the kids shoes but what about all of the adult shoes we see??

Do you think maybe they took one shoe off while they were snoozing and someone thought it was stinky so they tossed it??

That could be it, couldn't it??

Great question! Maybe this will attract someone that this has actually happened to and they can explain the mystery...

Katie Mac said...

yes i am with you on this...and i don't understand it at makes my head hurt trying to understand it...i'd love to know someone who lost a shoe in the road like that...maybe we should search for someone to help us understand! :)